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Health Design Lab:
Finding Your Way Toolkit

Finding Your Way is a self-facilitating game that came from the collaboration between the Health Design Lab at Emily Carr University and the Evidence Centre team at the Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children at BC Children’s Hospital.

The toolkit is the result of a collaborative design research process, including a series of co-creative workshops and synthesis maps. Finding Your Way comprises three activities that are designed to empower the participants, in this case the Evidence Centre’s stakeholders, to talk about their healthcare experience, share their feelings, and reflect on the support circles in their healthcare world.

July 2019 – January 2020

✺ Health Design

✺ Participatory Design

✺ Game Design

Health Design Lab Team

Project Lead — Lisa Boulton

Designer & Researcher — Triet Pham, Christine Fwu

Special thanks to our amazing collaborators at the Evidence Centre, SHHCC:

Kimberly Miller — Senior Leader

Stephenie Glegg — Knowledge Broker

Ivonne Montgomery — Knowledge Broker

Kala Brownlee — Education Assistant

Nicky Cairncross — Research Assistant

Toolkit Box

The co-creative toolkit consists of three activities that are supported by a variety of tools.

Card Deck

This card deck is a self-facilitating tool that gives the participants instructions and prompts throughout the game.

Activity 1:
Feeling Supported

The first activity is an icebreaker, in which participants pick out images that represent their ideas of being well-supported in the healthcare world and then share them with the group.

Activity 2: Emotions

The second activity includes 20 cards with words describing a varying range of emotions. This prompts the participants to share how they feel when looking for healthcare information.

Activity 3:
Your World of Health

In the last activity, the participants are given a variety of game pieces to physically map out how they find, use, and process information within their healthcare world.


This health design project is a collaboration between the Health Design Lab at Emily Carr University and the Evidence Centre at SHHCC at the BC Children’s Hospital.



Chiavettieri — from Kostic Type Foundry

Aperçu — from Colophon Foundry


Life Café Kit — created by the Lab4Living

Initiate · Collaborate game — created by Good Health Design, the Lab4Living, and the Centre for Person Centred Research

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