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Finding Your Way Toolkit

The project began with us, the HDL team, running three co-design workshops. The first workshop helped us understand the Evidence Centre and their work, while the second and third workshops explored how the stakeholders used the Evidence Centre’s services. After each workshop and each team meeting, we gained more insights into what work and what does not for the Evidence Centre and their users, which helped us decide on the direction of the project and our design deliverables. All the information we gathered from our workshops was organized and visualized into a series of synthesis maps.

In the end, we recognized that the Evidence Centre knows their users the best, and would benefit from engaging and finding out the users’ needs by themselves — which they are perfectly good at. As a result, we designed an engagement toolkit, in the form of a card & board game, that would help the Evidence Centre set up and facilitate co-design workshops by themselves.

The toolkit includes a set of self-instructing cards that leads the participants step-by-step through 3 activities: an image sorting activity, a word sorting activity, and a physical mapping exercise — all of which were drawn and adapted from the activities from our 3 co-design workshops.

July 2019 – January 2020

✺ Health Design

✺ Participatory Design

✺ Game Design

HDL Team:

Project Lead — Lisa Boulton

Designer & RA — Triet Pham & Christine Fwu


Special thanks to our amazing collaborators at the Evidence Centre, SHHCC:

Kimberly Miller — Senior Leader

Stephenie Glegg — Knowledge Broker

Ivonne Montgomery — Knowledge Broker

Kala Brownlee — Education Assistant

Nicky Cairncross — Research Assistant



Chiavettieri — from Kostic Type Foundry;

Aperçu — from Colophon Foundry.


Life Café Kit — created by the Lab4Living

Initiate · Collaborate game — created by Good Health Design, the Lab4Living, and the Centre for Person Centred Research

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