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MAU Calendar 2021

MAU (Makers Artists United) Calendar is an artist-initiated project that was started in 2018 by Elisa Yon. This community-driven publication is created and produced by local artists, designers, writers, and makers in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Now in its third year, this limited-edition risograph printed calendar continues to capture a contemporary portrait of the community and is inspired by traditional rice paper lunar calendars. Through contributed family food recipes, original writings, local histories, community, and cultural event listings, the calendar can be read as both a historical record and artist publication.

MAU Calendar 2021 features artwork by local Vancouver artists Jamie Loh, Cindy Mochizuki, Hue Nguyen and Stella Zheng, along with original recipes and texts by local restaurateurs and community members in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

The calendar photo shoot was inspired by the food recipes and ingredients from the monthly recipes.

February – August 2020

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Creative Team

Project Lead & Editor — Elisa Yon

Editor — Melanie Kwan

Editor & Translator — Christine Wong

Featured Artists — Cindy Mochizuki, Jamie Loh, Hue Nguyen, Stella Zheng

Designer & Illustrator — Wan-Ya (Megan) Chen, Triet Pham

Cover illustration: Mystical Ox of Hope by Elisa Yon

The MAU Calendar can be purchased online here:


Size: 10 × 15 in.

Each calendar comprises 13 unbound risograph prints.

Printed on 67lb natural paper stock by Moniker Press, a risograph print and publishing studio based in Vancouver, BC. Edition of 200 calendars.


Balboa Plus family — designed by Jim Parkinson (Parkinson Type Design)

Casey Classic — designed by Leslie Cabarga (CarbagaType)

Freight family — designed by Joshua Darden

Noto Sans TC — designed by Google

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