Pop-Up Type Museum 2019: Type... Revealed!

Pop-Up Type Museum is an annual exhibition put on by the Advanced Typography class at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, in collaboration with Type Brigade Vancouver. The exhibition draws the attention of the design community and type enthusiasts in Vancouver. In the exhibition, individual exhibitors showcase different aspects of typography through their visual and written typographic research.

The branding project started with the idea of combining the creative diversity of all exhibitors in our class to create a sense of “controlled chaos”. The look-and-feel of the exhibition’s visual identity is visually loud and crowded, while also playing into the idea of hiding and revealing information. That was how Type… Revealed! came to be: the name refers to the unveiling of typographical knowledge and evokes a sense of fun, mystique, and intrigue.

December 10 – 13, 2019

✺ Creative Direction

✺ Visual Identity

✺ Exhibit Design

✺ Print Design

Branding Team

Megan Chen · Sahil Mroke · Triet Pham

Special thanks to Peter Cocking, our Type instructor for the exhibition, and all our amazing fellow exhibitors. In collaboration with the Type Brigade.

Instagram — @popuptypemuseum


★  Exhibition Logo  ★

↑ Wordmark explorations with different font weights of Rhode family

↑ Final wordmark design


★  Opening Night Invite  ★


★  Risograph-Printed Brochures  ★


★  Interactive Exhibition Design  ★


★  Revelation Cards Display  ★


★  Exhibition Merch  ★

✺ Exhibition’s Opening Night, December 10, 2019

✺ Photos by Murad Ahmed


Instagram — @popuptypemuseum

Announcement and photo gallery by Emily Carr University

Exhibition at the Michael O’Brian Exhibition Commons, Emily Carr University — December 10 – 13, 2019

Printed materials produced in black and fluorescent pink inks from the Risograph printer in Communication Design Studio, Emily Carr University.


Rhode — designed by Font Bureau

Px Grotesk — designed by Optimo

Le Murmure — designed by Jérémy Landes

TINY — designed by Jack Halten Fahnestock

Savate — designed by Wech

BioRhyme — designed by Aoife Mooney

Freight Micro — designed by Joshua Darden