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A History of Emily Carr’s Student Publications

The exhibit displays the history of Emily Carr’s student publications, stretching from the first publication in 1926 to the most recent Woo issue in 2019.

The Risograph-printed exhibit catalogue includes a brief description of each historical period of student publishing at Emily Carr University. The print unfolds into a 17″ × 22″ poster displaying the different cover designs of the student publications over the years.

Limited Risograph prints of 50 copies.

Catalogue — 5.5″ × 8.5″

Poster — 17″ × 22″

May, 2020

✺ Exhibit Design
✺ Print Design
✺ Risograph Printing

In collaboration with Christine Fwu, with special thanks to Danuta Zwierciadlowski from Emily Carr University’s Library, for helping us curate and put together the exhibit materials.


Printed with the Risograph printer at Emily Carr University in fluorescent orange and Kelly green. Limited prints of 50 copies.

Typefaces from Velvetyne Foundry:
Happy Times — designed by Lucas Le Bihan
Commune — designed by Sébastien Marchal.

Text adapted and abridged from A Chronicle of Emily Carr’s Student Publishing by Omar Linares Martinez (BFA 2014), May 5, 2013.

WOO Publication

Instagram: @woopublication | @facesofemilycarr

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