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My name is ☻ Triet Pham.

My practice focuses on:

✹ visual identity

✎ publication design

✿ creative direction

✒ type design.


Side Dish: Coffee

Print Publication
Graduation Project

The first issue in a series of
mini-monographs dedicated to the topic of food and how the history of everyday foodstuffs can reflect fragments of history


Creative Direction
Print Publication

Fall 2019 issue of Woo — the student-led publication of Emily Carr University

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Visual Identity
Print Design
Exhibit Design

The visual identity for the
2019 typographic exhibition at Emily Carr University

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Health Design Lab:

Finding Your Way

Game Design
Participatory Design
Health Design

A self-driven engagement toolkit for the Evidence Centre at SHHCC to facilitate co-design workshops with their stakeholders

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Digital Illustrations
Information Design

A collection of my select
digital illustration work

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A History of Emily Carr’s Student Publications

Print Design

An exhibition on the history
of Emily Carr’s student publications, 1926 – 2019

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Prints & Posters


Screen Printing

A collection of various printed posters and ephemera

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© 2020 Triet Pham. Typeset in Inter.

Email —

Instagram — @triet._.pham

LinkedIn — Triet Pham

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